It’s no secret. Public Relations is most effective when others do it for you. So with that in mind, following is a selection of testimonials from both old and new clients and colleagues that Leigh believes encapsulate the types of working relationships she has. 

avatar“Hands down, Leigh is one of the best PR people in the health care industry. Her work is top notch. I have the pleasure of working with Leigh on the PRSA Health Academy Board. Her work has truly contributed to the growth and success of the Health Academy. She is smart, talented and a great person too.”

Rick Buck
Senior Director of Communications, American Association for Cancer Research
avatar"Leigh's depth of knowledge about new and traditional communication tools and how they can be used in healthcare is simply incredible. I was a student in her healthcare communication class at Temple University and learned more than I could have ever hoped to about social media and the many facets of the healthcare industry. It was a pleasure taking her class."

Joshua Brett
Senior Corporate Media Relations Specialist, AmeriHealth Caritas
avatar“The first word that comes to mind when I hear the name Leigh Fazzina is “DYNAMIC.” She is a true asset and it was a pleasure to work with her. Leigh thinks on her feet, cares about the message she sends and takes on challenges without missing a beat. Leigh takes the time to know representatives of patient groups, their struggle and their needs, then implements her PR plans with knowledge, grace and compassion. Having attended a PRSA event aside Leigh, the admiration and respect of her peers was evident. If you have a public relations quandary on your hands, Leigh Fazzina is the person to call.”

CarlaAnn Henry
Health Resource Liaison, Unlimited Outreach, Inc.
avatar“Want to boost your company’s image? Leigh has what it takes. Bright, energetic, and strategic, she’s at the top of the PR field. And it shows. Whether it’s spreading the word through social networking sites or the traditional media, she gets the job done. She’s also a master at networking which comes in handy in this line of work. I really enjoyed working with Leigh and would highly recommend her to any organization.”

Larry Rappoport
Associate Director of Student Life, The Wharton School
avatar“In a highly regulated industry, like pharmaceuticals, Leigh Fazzina is an epitome of a public relations professional. Leigh is a consummate pro that utilizes her experience, intelligence, and technology savvy to help her clients recognize and understand the changing landscape of their stakeholders and publics. Leigh is diligent about keeping abreast of the constant digital shifts occurring in the business world today. As a result, she was proactive in being one of the first healthcare PR experts to educate healthcare clients on the benefits of digital and social technologies for direct two-way patient engagement. As an award-winning PR pro, Leigh not only helps her clients, but other PR practitioners to understand the value of strategic of research, planning, implementation, and measurement. Above all Leigh is a rare combination of a highly ethical, conscientious, and genuinely affable PR professional.”

Beth Harte
Director of Marketing, Advent Global Solutions
avatar"Leigh understands healthcare social media communications better than anyone in the industry. She follows the latest trends, tools and techniques and always provides outstanding social media guidance to our clients. She is a valued member of the Sam Brown network."

Laura Liotta
Founder and President, Sam Brown, Inc.
avatar"As chair of the Public Relations Department at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, I became acquainted with Leigh through our service together on the Public Relations Society of America Health Academy Executive Committee. A few years ago Leigh expressed her interest in giving back to the field of public relations education through teaching. I have hired adjuncts for years and regularly give presentations for professionals on navigating the waters from the professional world to the academic environment. Unfortunately, some working professionals look to academe in order to pad their resume and make a few dollars. Inevitably, these types of professionals fail in the classroom. Students are remarkably adept at discerning a person who has their best interests in mind and a person who is in teaching solely for their own gain. Leigh approached the task by asking all the right questions. She was sincerely concerned about her preparation. She taught her first class at Temple University, and kept her focus where it should be: on the students. She also paid close attention to student evaluations at the conclusion of the class. Literally thousands of professionals have the necessary credentials to make significant contributions in the classroom. But credentials are not enough. When a person’s motivations are sound at the beginning of the teaching process the chances for success increase dramatically. Leigh’s motivations are, indeed, sound. In short, I would not hesitate to support Leigh’s desire to teach in the future."

Kurt Wise
Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Arts, University of West Florida
avatar"Leigh understands the social media landscape in healthcare and life sciences as well as anyone in the industry. As a trusted partner of our company, she has worked with us to build an efficient social media footprint and publish quality content that is meaningful to our clients and prospects. Leigh's years of experience in PR and communications provide a great base of knowledge that her clients benefit from. It's the best of both worlds - having that rock-solid, traditional PR partner with all of the latest social media tactics and know-how. Truly a great combination - and a great partner. Please feel free to contact me directly for a more detailed/formal recommendation."

Barry Winn
Vice President, Strategy at Harte Hanks
avatar"I initially sought out Leigh as a collaborator due to her credentials and past experiences “on paper.” Since that time, I continue to work with her on projects—not just because she is a true professional, but because of who she is as a person. Leigh brings positive energy and organic interest in helping clients and organizations succeed, however that particular success is defined. She is hard working, flexible, leads and collaborates extremely well. Equally or more importantly, she is genuine, and never comes across with co-workers or clients as superficial or more interested in herself than the project, team or goals at hand. As a consultant, Leigh would be a great asset to any corporate team, non-profit organization or agency. I recommend her highly."

John Senall
Principal & Founder, Mobile First Media & Digital Healthcom Group
avatar"High energy" is the best way to describe Leigh Fazzina. When she takes on a project it is with gusto and detailed planning. But no matter how busy, she can always find time for a quiet, personal conversation because she can see both the big picture and small details necessary for success."

Nancy Hughes
Vice President of Communications and Marketing, National Health Council
avatar"For the past two and a half years I have had the pleasure of working with Leigh via the PRSA Health Academy. During that time, she held numerous positions including Conference Chair, Sponsorship Chair and now Chair-Elect for the entire community. Leigh takes great pride in all of her positions, cares about the outcomes and gets people motivated. She is one of the most talented public relations professionals I have worked with. Her knowledge of the health care area was apparent when she was Chairing the Health Academy Conference. Her conference was held during a recession and it had the highest attendance to date. Leigh takes on projects that many people shy away from including serving as a sponsorship chair. Every time Leigh held this position she exceeded goals and expectations. Leigh has also demonstrated her strength in the social media arena. She developed the Health Academy LinkedIn group and it is currently the largest group for any PRSA Professional Interest Section. She is a real asset to the Society and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an talented and energetic professional."

Melissa Yahre
Director of Network Membership, 451 Research
avatar"I worked with Leigh during my employment at Cadient Group. She was hired to help us enhance our business profile as well as the profile of our key executives in the pharmaceutical industry both in business and social networks. For example, Leigh helped increased our company profile from less than 100 followers to more than 1,100 followers within a period of 6 months. This also included connecting with key influencers and media in the industry, which allowed us to obtain a few placements in various industry related media outlets."

Lucy (Brown) Thompson
Marketing Specialist, The UPS Store
avatar"Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting was hired as a PR consultant. Leigh Fazzina’s expertise in PR communications in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries, matched with being digitally native, provides Leigh a distinctive and independent perspective. Her vibrant personality also allows her to resourcefully work with multiple stakeholders across an organization. It is a pleasure collaborating with Leigh."

Sean McCormick
Senior Analyst in Digital Brand Marketing, Nationwide Financial
avatar"Leigh came highly recommended by a coworker as a speaker for a webinar to our customer base. After a connecting with Leigh, I recognized that she pays attention to details, has a pleasant personality and is someone who seeks out responsibility and can be depended on to follow through. Planning the webinar was a positive experience as her communication style allows her to share information clearly and concisely. Her presentation on “Becoming media savvy in the today’s news landscape” and the handout provided exceeded my expectations and was well received by attendees. Leigh is highly professional when presenting and I would work with her again."

Dana Bergstrom
Manager of Customer Development, Elekta
avatar"Leigh is a polished professional who d fully invests herself to deliver beyond expectations! I would not hesitate to recommend her as a consultant."

Kat Gerlich
Customer Marketing Manager, Elekta
avatar"It was a great pleasure to work with Leigh on the American Association for Cancer Research Text Messaging Campaign. She is an excellent communications professional with a deep knowledge of her clients and a passion for her job. Not only does she know PR inside out, she is reliable, creative and strategic thinker, excellent in planning and execution, can always be trusted to respond quickly and has built up a great rapport with clients. Leigh is extremely efficient and committed to delivering what she promises. She is a great asset to any project she puts her energies into which makes a success of all her efforts. Apart from that, she’s been fun to work with and I look forward to doing so again in the future."

André Strothers
Executive Vice President of Business Development, The CoreInsight Group
avatar"Leigh is a smart, energetic and enthusiastic professional who has established herself as a leader in healthcare social media communications. She continually encourages and supports colleagues and clients in finding creative and actionable ways to integrate social media early in the strategic communications process in order to maximize results. I enjoy working with Leigh very much and recommend her as a kind, personable, reliable and overall great person to have on your team."

Amanda Foley
Communications Counselor, Sam Brown Inc.
avatar"There seem to be two rules for constructing and implementing a social media strategy, particularly in healthcare communications: beware of the bad fit and beware of anyone calling themselves an expert. Fortunately for us, because Leigh truly is a social media expert (a title she has earned again and again), we’ve been able to find the right fit, both for ourselves and our clients, across multiple social media platforms. Whether it’s determining where our audiences are looking for content; shaping the message and its delivery; building and promoting our own ability to create influence or counsel clients; identifying breaking trends and new opportunities; or monitoring, managing, and measuring ongoing conversations, Leigh has had a dramatic impact on our practice. Simply put, her broad expertise, deep engagement, and “evangelical” enthusiasm have made us all better communicators."

Tad Heitmann
President, BioComm Network, Inc.
avatar“I have worked with Leigh many times over the years and have found her resourceful, wise and conscientious in all her business dealings. She provides practical, and effective counsel in both traditional public relations and digital communications.”

Michael Durand
Health Care Communications Consultant
avatar“I couldn't keep up with Leigh's energy and enthusiasm! I hired her recently to help me produce a video for my company and then maximize its exposure in both traditional and newer social media markets, and man-oh-man is she a bolt of lightning! She pulled together the best tech and talent, kept me honest with my timeline, offered sharp but realistic marketing advice, and became a good friend along the way. Leigh knows what she's talking about, and she loves to share that insight!”

Richard A Leonowitz
Communications Officer, Writer, and Administrator, Jeanes Hospital
avatar“Leigh is somebody who I respect a great deal. Leigh has a knack for getting out there and keeping things fresh. From expertise in public relations or the social media world, Leigh wants her clients to stay informed any way possible. In the end, coupled with results, that is what the client needs and Leigh delivers. Period.”

Danny Deraney
President/CEO, Deraney Public Relations
avatar“I've worked with Leigh throughout the last 10 years in different PR categories. There is much praise and admiration for her work and character but I'll keep it short. With regard to her work in the fields of public relations and MarCom, she understands the subtle complexities and contrasts between excellence and better. This commitment and dedication to her work leads to uncompromised and positive results for any project or campaign she leads. As a person, her energy and drive is unrivaled.”

David Sands
Director of Public Relations, Influencer PR Group
avatar“I have worked with Leigh through our volunteer work with the PRSA Health Academy for the past two years. She has always impressed me as a talented and effective PR pro and a role model for building communities through social media. Leigh has boundless energy and creativity for communicating through Twitter and other social media venues, which she does very skillfully. She has helped to raise the visibility of the Health Academy and it has always been a pleasure to work with her.”

Ellen Beth Levitt
Director of Operations Communications, Tenet Healthcare
avatar“In the fall semester of 2009, I had the pleasure of being a student in the Healthcare Communications course taught by Leigh at Temple University. She brought numerous years of experience and knowledge to classroom in a way that emphasized real-world application; she easily drew the connection between classroom learning and on-the-job execution. She also leveraged her vast network healthcare PR professionals to add to the breadth and depth of the course. Leigh would be an excellent addition to the communications department faculty and students would be lucky to have her as their instructor.”

Kelley Elliott
Account Director, Feinstein Kean Healthcare
avatar"Leigh was an instructor for one of my first classes in graduate school at Temple University in 2009. As a former TV reporter now pursuing a career in public relations, it had been ten years since I had been in school. I found Leigh’s Healthcare Communications class informative, challenging and very interesting. She showed us how the world of healthcare-related public relations is much different than other industries and why it is so rewarding and innovative. Her years of experience, engaging and dynamic personality, and creative approach to public relations made the industry that much more appealing to me. I am fortunate to have had Leigh has an instructor, as I believe it has been greatly beneficial to my higher education. I strongly believe she would be a tremendous asset to any organization, both professional and academic environments."

Alexandra Hackett
Public Relations Coordinator, Liberty Lutheran
avatar"Leigh is a true health communications professional that has built her pr portfolio well. She has known how to use the tools of the trade effectively - and as one can see from her work in new media - she is a leader in this area. Her blog postings are refreshing too - as she sees trends as they are just about to happen."

Jeff Molter
Health Communications Expert, American Association for Cancer Research
avatar"When I think of the consummate public relations professional, Leigh Fazzina immediately comes to mind. Her extensive knowledge, innovative ideas, and command of all marketing mediums makes her a valuable expert. She continuously refines her talents by acquiring new areas of specialty, such as social media. Taking the cyber world by storm, Leigh has successfully launched a Twitter-based career opportunity site, actively engages in a health care/social media forum, and somehow finds time to also participate in larger policy matters before the FDA concerning social media, while organizing speaking panels for the Public Relations Association of America at their annual conference. One the greatest benefits of her diverse professional commitments is that every project she undertakes is informed by her wider interests. She not only gets the "big picture," she helps create it. Let it be said if an ideal model were to be created of a public relations master with the highest ideals of integrity and personal warmth, Leigh would aptly serve as this template."

Carmen Gonzalez
Communications Project Manager, Health Services Advisory Group
avatar"Leigh is one of the most professional, most dedicated, and bright people I've had the pleasure of working with and becoming friends with over the last 3 years. Leigh's extremely knowledgeable about the PR industry, as well as emerging technologies, especially social media and digital communications as a whole. Her strong background in the healthcare field makes her an asset to any organization choosing to hire Leigh, and her work at the PRSA Health Academy is the reason I've attended the conference for three consecutive years. I absolutely give a strong endorsement of Leigh Fazzina."

Alex Ramati
Director of Business Development, Hopkins PR
avatar"In 1991, Leigh and I had our first introduction to one another the very first day of attending Rider University. From the minute I met Leigh we instantly connected on many levels. Like myself, I saw a "competitive edge" with a "friendly" nature in Leigh and could easily determine she was a "go-getter" in her endeavors. We worked together on many projects throughout our 4 years, as we declared the same major. Some of the classes that we streamlined our business projects were Media Ethics, Speech Communications as well as Public Relations. From the start of her college days in 1991 to the present, I have seen Leigh maintain and even grow the "competitive edge" that has made Leigh successful in what she does. Self-motivation comes from within, and this is a dimensional behavior that I can relate to and decipher first hand when I see it. This attribute is one of many, that Leigh brings to the table. I would highly recommend Leigh for anything she inspires to lead and or be a part of.”

Donna Jacobsen-Williams
Territory Manager, Merz Aesthetics Inc.
avatar“Leigh has a lot of energy and passion for what she does. I believe her ability to develop relationships with people, both within and outside the organization, is her greatest strength. She knows how to motivate and enlist support from people at all levels.”

Leslie Harris
Strategic Communications and Corporate Account Management, Cobalt Communications
avatar“Leigh is a high-energy health-care PR whirlwind, living -- and obviously loving -- the discipline. She's passionate about her work, energetic in reaching out to media contacts, and tenacious in her quest to make her organization and topic known to the media and the masses. She understands (and uses) the many varieties of outreach available, from good, old-fashioned cold-calling to newer interactive media.”

Brian Wasson
Director of Global Communications, SAP AG
avatar"Leigh and I worked together at The American College of Physicians in Philadelphia on the Annals of Internal Medicine and for the ACP Website. Leigh worked in the capacity of a journalist and communications pro while I developed the coding and layout of the website. We had a $0 budget to work with other than our staff time. Our association was so successful that we won the PRSA Pepperpot Award for distinguished website communication and another award for the International Association of Business Communicators EPIC Award for electronic design. Leigh possesses considerable intellectual capacity and talent and it was my delight to work with her.”

Neil Turner
Anthropologist, Ethnographer, Photographer, Author
avatar“I worked under Leigh Fazzina as an intern at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. As a marketing major, I did not have much experience in the arena of PR. Leigh was a great teacher. She allowed me to learn through my own experiences, but more importantly, through example. With all the accolades to her name, she did not look down on my inexperience. Instead, she was always very willing to answer questions and explain concepts and ideas, even when busy with her own work. Leigh was responsible for all the internal and external communications for the hospital. This is not an easy job, especially for a single person, as the hospital numbers grew monthly. As the first Public Relations person for the hospital, Leigh established protocols and controls that impacted the whole hospital. She worked well with many different doctors, always a challenge by the busy growing hospital. Leigh understands the importance of contacts. Throughout my work with her, she utilized previous connections as well as forming new relationships in key markets. This allowed her to have a greater control over the media stories shared with the public. Leigh is a great team player. She listens well to others’ opinions and ideas but is not afraid to use her knowledge to make a suggestion. As an intern, I was given creative control on a project which I structured differently than it was first assigned from the corporate office. Leigh empowered me and offered any help and suggestions that would make the idea better. Leigh’s talents are numerous and I believe that she will be successful in the healthcare public relations field (one chosen by her as she believes it is the most worthwhile) for many years to come.”

Emily McMillan
Marketing and Public Relations Intern, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
avatar“It is inspiring to work with professionals who share as much if not more passion for their job than you do. While working in the same positions at sister hospitals, I had the opportunity to see Leigh put her enthusiasm for public relations into action with powerful outcomes. Leigh provided expertise in research, planning and execution. Her strategic initiatives provided much needed insight and direction for the communications and marketing team she worked with daily. Although we have both moved on in our public relations careers, I would place Leigh Fazzina up against any professional and have no reservations that she would be a fantastic addition to anyone desiring an experienced public relations professional who will provide value add and a positive return on investment!”

Kathleen Kennedy
Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations, Oklahoma City Public Schools
avatar“Leigh Fazzina is a high energy PR health care strategist. She brings wisdom and insight to each initiative. Her health care experience in both the provider and pharmaceutical industries and her knowledge of the expanding role of social media as a PR tool makes her a tremendous asset for any initiative. Leigh is a team player and a great collaborator with great problem solving skills. She is savvy and quick and connects with a story to leverage across all channels.”

Mary Alice Hortsman
Director of Public Relations, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
avatar“Leigh is the epitome of what a top-notch Healthcare PR professional should be. A true leader in the industry worthy of all of the accolades she has received through the years. She continues to stay at the top of her game while others are still trying to figure out how to run a successful PR campaign. The reason why, is that everything Leigh does, she gives it her 110%. If you need a social media or PR campaign communicated successfully to the masses, and at the same time look like you spent a million dollars on it, I highly recommend you call Leigh Fazzina first!”

Ray Silverio
IT Director, On The Scene Productions
avatar“I worked for Leigh as a public relations intern at Cancer Treatment Centers of America beginning in January, 2008. Not being too familiar with PR, Leigh taught me a lot about the various aspects of the field. Leigh is very dedicated, passionate and on top of the latest, cutting edge technology. She allowed me to work on a lot of projects independently but always made sure I knew what I was doing and this allowed me to jump into the work head first and really learn. Working under Leigh was a valuable experience.”

Brian McEvilly Jr.
Hospital Growth Associate, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
avatar“Leigh is an energetic, extremely productive and efficient worker who has a high attention to detail and keeps on top of current trends. She has a great attitude and excels in a team-based environment.”

Allison Ewing
Director of Public Relations & Web Communications, American College of Physicians
avatar“Leigh was a tremendous asset for ACP's communications department. Energetic, focused, and results oriented. She managed numerous projects including spearheading our media relations effort. She maintained a terrific network of medical and health reporters and secured significant media coverage for ACP.”

Dave Sgrignoli
Senior Vice President, American College of Physicians
avatar“Leigh has been great to work with as a member of the PRSA Health Academy. Their annual conference is loaded with highly relevant content for both hospitals/managed care, and pharmaceutical companies. As an exhibitor at the conference for the past several years, we have been exposed to contacts that we've been able to work with to grow our business that we normally might not have access to. She's been a delight to work with, is fair with all the exhibitors, and the conference provides great value and exposure for our company.”

Eric Wright
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, D S Simon Productions, Inc.
avatar“Leigh Fazzina has been my PRSA mentor since 2006. In this role, she has guided me through job searches as well as provided me with information about the Public Relations industry. Leigh is both knowledgeable and passionate about her work and is more than willing to help others. She has been a wonderful resource. I greatly appreciate the time and help she has given me!”

Melissa Puckett Bungard
HR Generalist, Alive Hospice
avatar“Leigh is a tremendous client to work with. She "gets" media and how it works. We produced a monthly video news release for her, all successful because of her involvement and input. She is a great resource for Healthcare PR.”

Jim O’Reilly
Regional Vice President, D S Simon Productions
avatar"Leigh Fazzina is a high energy PR health care strategist. She brings wisdom and insight to each initiative. Her health care experience in both the provider and pharmaceutical industries and her knowledge of the expanding role of social media as a PR tool makes her a tremendous asset for any initiative. Leigh is a team player and a great collaborator with great problem solving skills. She is savvy and quick and connects with a story to leverage across all channels."

William Stone
Director of Content Strategy, Sommer Consulting
avatar“During our rather short stint together at MediciGlobal, Leigh took me under her wing and instantly I went from thinking of her as a co-worker to a mentor. As a junior graphic designer, I had the opportunity to work with Leigh on a very enjoyable hands-on project for Parkinson's Disease. The national media relations news pitch was Leigh's idea- it was innovative, eye-catching and personally, the most fun 'project' I have had the opportunity to work on thus far in my career. In the past few months after our careers at Medici, Leigh has continued in her role in my life as a mentor. She took the time to meet with me face-to-face and helped me improve my resume, cover letter, and taught me the positive influence that social networking could have on my design career.”

Emilie Rejician
Senior Print Designer, eMoney Advisor
avatar“Leigh is one of the most amazing Public Relations practitioners I know. High energy. Innovative. Master of successful media placement (and truly knowing what the media is looking for). In her role on the PRSA Health Academy board, Leigh was engaged, a true team player and always looking for ways to improve the visibility of the organization. Whatever role she took on, she never met the goal -- she exceeded the goal, by large amounts. She was the standard by which we all measured ourselves. I look forward to working with Leigh again in some form or fashion because whatever it is -- it will be phenomenally successful.”

Laura Perry
Director of Communications, UCLA School of Nursing
avatar“I have worked with Leigh on the PRSA Health Academy since 2003 and have the utmost respect for her. I was Chair of the Health Academy when Leigh was elected to the Board of Directors. During her tenure on the Board, she has contributed to the growth and professional advancement of the Health Academy, as well as to the health care public relations profession. She is one of the most active and dedicated members of the Board. She is always on the cutting edge of technologies and strategies, and she uses this to help advance the Health Academy. The fact that she is now an adjunct professor is most appropriate. She is a natural leader and an excellent teacher.”

Ellyn J. Pollack, M.A., APR
Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
avatar“I highly recommend connecting with Leigh Fazzina. She is the consumate healthcare communications professional, leader and trusted advisor. She was one of the first to recognize the impact of social media in the world of healthcare and knows how to use it effectively, responsibly and strategically. I have known Leigh for a couple of years through our association with PRSA. She immediately struck me as a knowledgeable communicator and as our paths crossed more frequently, I continuously saw her dedication to the profession and her clients.”

Marisa Sharkey
Principal, Avalon Communications, LLC
avatar"Leigh is the real deal in strategic healthcare communications. There isn't an aspect of healthcare she hasn't engaged in, she's not only smart but always proactive, acknowledging the landmines that present with the media, clients and, especially in the new social environment. She operates with ease and expertise, and it's kind of like driving a Ferrari when you're with Leigh. She handles all the curves effortlessly and with speed, and that's not an overstatement. She is a true competitor too - and can negotiate well with C-suite executives. I highly recommend Leigh for her expert PR and social savvy."

Kelley Connors
President & Founder, KC Healthcare Communications, LLC